About us

Gestalt at work is a partnership of experienced practitioners, with a background in psychotherapy, interested in applying our insight and creative thinking to the complex world of work.

Our extensive experience of training, organisational work and professional development in a wide range of workplaces has highlighted key elements which make a major contribution to how organisations work – or don’t work. We are particularly interested in how developing self-awareness and a more sophisticated understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics can promote positive change.

Gestalt is an optimistic approach which calls upon our creativity and capacity for change by developing the concept that, once we are aware of how something is done, it becomes possible to do it differently.

It is a holistic discipline for living, with a core of key underlying concepts. Central to these is the idea that people are inextricably part of the environment in which they live, and are both influential within it and influenced by it.

Whilst drawing on a wide variety of practical and theoretical disciplines, we have found that the Gestalt approach provides a creative starting point for developing ‘thinking, feeling and doing’.

Karen Rookwood and Colin White